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Finding My Purpose & Claiming My Mission

When a woman who has experienced homelessness and/or abuse or someone who just needs a fresh start seeks to rejoin the workforce, she often needs more than assistance in developing resume-writing and interview skills. She needs to be equipped with an inner joy that radiates her overall appearance. This best reflects her inner confidence.

Glamour & Grace "Finding My Purpose & Claiming My Mission” will answers that need. We give these women a new, confident look that helps them genuinely feel the drive and desire they need to change their lives. Not only do we offer FREE makeover services, but in preparation for job interviews, women receive uplifting coaching, fashion advice of what to and not to wear, and basic interview do’s and don’ts.

Our FREE beauty services don’t stop at hair and makeup. Our philosophy tends to the spiritual beauty of these women as well. Our innovative “Life Keys” model challenges participants to discover who they are and all that God made them to be. The women have access to Life Keys training which will help them discover what they are passionate about, what they value, what they do best and ultimately why they are here. They complete a mission statement that enables them to stay focused on what they are called to be and do in every aspect of their life. We believe makeovers work from the inside out. Once they take this program they will find deeper meaning in life and will be able to make significant career and volunteer opportunities for themselves. Once they have experienced the complete makeover they will in turn be able to also perform charitable work for organizations they are passionate about. Participants are then able to witness for themselves what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This will create in each woman an attitude of giving back, which will impact the next person in need and start a “Pay it Forward” mindset.

We also provide hair and make-up tutorials and customized gift baskets filled with products from our sponsors that they will be able to use as they develop their capacities to maintain their ready-for-work styles.

“Finding My Purpose & Claiming My Mission” at Glamour & Grace is dedicated to support economically disadvantaged/ abused/or second chance women in our community by using the philosophy of offering a hand up, not a hand out, approach.

The Finding Your Purpose & Claiming Your Mission Program is an 4-6 week course geared to “empowering” each woman to not just getting a job but to gain a career and a whole approach to living. Our goal is to provide these women with a physical, emotional and spiritual approach to style. Topics to be discussed will include personality insight, values, passions and talents. We will give hair and make-up tutorial, wardrobe styling, training, mentoring, and more. Our goal is to enlist specialists in their field to help guide and teach these women to utilize a combined process, focusing on the results of not just one learning approach. The women can retain their experience with the FYPACYM Program to flourish out in the workplace, home, and their community as a whole. We hope to motivate them to continue unfolding who God has empowered them to be.

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