Our volunteers at Glamour and Grace serve a great purpose to the overall goal of our organization.

Our volunteers are such a valuable resource to this cause because of their ability to work willingly together for the betterment of the women and themselves.


We are looking for talented stylists to partner with Glamour and Grace. If you have the skills and the desire to make a difference, we welcome you aboard! Our program offers flexible schedules and will always respect your time and talents. If you have ever felt the desire to just truly be the hands and feet of Jesus this may be for you. As stylist, you know that you can touch the hearts and souls of your paying clients just by shampooing, brushing, cutting, coloring and simply styling their hair. We are in a field that is creative and fashion forward, but it is one of the few careers that truly serves people. We have been gifted with the ability to impact the world with great love by simply doing our job with the right HEART. Imagine doing this for someone whom has no money to pay you and doesn’t even feel worthy of your time. The reward of giving to these women not only changes them but it will significantly leave an impact on you.

Fashion Stylist

We are looking for Fashion forward women who are willing to learn a program to help the women learn how to dress for their own personality, body type and coloring. We will work directly with the ladies to help them discover the gems that they were meant to be. We will occasionally take them shopping or do shopping for them.


Become a mentor- If you’re interested in coming alongside other women and have an eagerness to invest in them and the ability to share your life with respect and dignity; this may be for you… We work as a team of mentors. We will come alongside you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or isolated. Mentoring may simply consist of taking someone for coffee, shopping, or a ride to a doctor’s appointment or possibly a job interview. The schedule will be between you and you’re mentored.

Administration and Organization

Be our hands and feet for change! We need help with administration and organization. Help us with mail-outs, press releases, internet buzz, and all things Social Media. Each one of us has been given our own set of gifts and talents to be used for the greater purpose. Just as we work with the women on discovering their unique personalities we also find out that each of US are created to do our part. If you are one of those exceptionally gifted organized and administratively talented souls.

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