Savhannah's Makeover

This is Savhannah a busy mother of 5. She heard us speak at a womens event and immediatly wanted a personal consultation. She completed our needs assesment form which allowed us to know the areas we needed to work on. She was able to experience the entire Color and Wardrobe Program, which included an entire makeover. We gave her all the tools needed to be able to purchase items that always compliment her and to never buy any unnessary items.

"I'm so glad Ruth came to our local MOPS meeting. I was able to arrange a full Color and Wardrobe Analysis. I am a busy mom of 5 and love that finding clothes and accessories that look great on me is so easy to do! She has a great personality and makes the whole transformation wonderful. It was a great experience."

Savhannah Harris
Full-time mom

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