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“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16:7 Click the book now button to schedule a 15 min free consultation. Book Now

People judge us on external appearances, before they ever get to our hearts. Make sure that your outward appearance presents a positive image that reflects your heart.

As presenters at your Christian Women’s Event, the message of Glamour & Grace will reaffirm the truth of Scripture that each individual is unique and designed with a purpose and that each woman is precious to God. As Christian women, they are reflections of God’s image and will hear what it meansto be Salt and Light. With those principles in mind, we will:

  • Help guests identify their unique personalities
  • Offer style and fashion advice based on color, body type, and accessories
  • Teach about coordinating clothing
  • Make suggestions on hairstyling, makeup, and skin care

Women will discover that Christians can enjoy being stylish and trendy without embracing the immodest fashions of the culture. Your guests will come away with tips to show Glamour by wearing their best colors and accessorizing and Grace by embracing the way they were created.

Ruth Horn Presents “Glamour & Grace Makeover”

An event that combines the fun of fashion and the topics of self-image and self-worth, with a powerful message of faith

Ruth believes that beauty and fashion are pleasures that God has given us and that her talent as an Image Consultant is a gift from the Lord and a way to reach women with God’s Word, so that they may be inspired and encouraged. She includes scripture passages throughout her presentation to show women that they can experience a positive and permanent shift in the way they think about themselves,as they look at their identity in Christ and their renewed radiance. Ruth believes that, as we allow Christ to work through us, our excitement for life heightens, and it’s reflected in our personalities, our emotions, and in the image we project to the world. The way in which we present ourselves is a part of our witness to the world. We are called out to be the Salt and Light of this world. Our image represents Him, so it should be one that everyone would be drawn to. When someone asks you why your light shines so bright, you can be prepared to give Him all the glory.

Our “Renewed Radiance” is the outward expression of our inward joy!

The popularity of programs like “What Not To Wear,” “Extreme Makeover,” and “Next top model,” reflects more than ever women’s interest in fashion. Ruth has seen an incredible turnout whenever she speaks at meetings, career fairs, colleges, women’s business centers, and church congregations. Bring Ruth to your church for an event unlike any other. Ruth delivers genuine, entertaining, inspirational Girlfriend Time!

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