Color Analysis-in Person

Each person has many colors that are a compliment to their body colors. Book Now

Color Analysis, also called skin tone color matching, is a process of finding colors of clothing and makeup to match your complexion, eye color, and hair color.

What happens during your Color Analysis?

  • Glamour and Grace begin with 6 color drapes and selects the 36 best colors for you based on your individual features.
  • Give you a code to a Color ID app to use on your phone, so you can carry your colors with you everywhere you go
  • Hair color recommendations are given for color treated hair. This includes all-over color and highlights.
  • Color recommendations are given for all accessories including shoes, purses, jewelry, and eyewear.
  • Makeup and nail color suggestions are available.

When you receive your color swatches we will show you what are great prints, what your best neutrals are and what are your best basic, pop and accent colors to build your wardrobe around. We will also tell you the colors to avoid.

Price: $150 per person, Session time: 1.5 hours

Group discounts are available

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