Color & Body Analysis - In Person

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The consultation combines Color analysis, Body Analysis. We will include suggestions for your wardrobe, Hair, Makeup, Accessories and so much more.

After establishing your fashion personality, lifestyle and concern’s, we will pick a style direction (usually a combination of several). We will then do an analysis of your external data – face shape, body shape and measurements, skin tone, eye color, hair color and their proportions and information. You will receive results with pictures and recommendations.

  • We will determine your color type and palette of colors suitable to you. Explanation of how to mix colors using the color wheel and examples of color combinations that suit your coloring
  • Advice on what to wear and to what to avoid, based on the analysis of your profile.
  • We will make recommendations for hair-cuts, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, fabrics, textures and prints.
  • We will give you style directions that will suit your look and your lifestyle
  • We will provide Instructions for how to build a perfect wardrobe and rules for wise shopping

Our Personal Image Consulting can take place in our studio or in your home.

Price: $245 per person, Session time: 2 hours

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